Our Gateway technology enables you to accept credit cards anywhere

Epayments Processing’s technology gateway secures and handles the merchants payment processing by integrating, reporting and managing the different payment methods from all kinds of sales channels, different credit cards types and multi-currency payments in real-time, through one single technical solution in a complete secure environment.

Our Payment Processing Technology Gateway Services

Epayments Processing provides an industry leading Cardholder Not Present (CNP) credit card processing payment gateway for both low and high risk businesses. Our technology is compatible with all the major credit cards schemes including, Mastercard, Visa, Amex, JCB etc. Epayments Processing gateway technology allows merchant’s MID's to process their online credit card business with full API integration. Epayments Processing technology platform works with low, medium and high-risk merchants. Businesses with low risks qualify for a lower rate, whereas a "High risk" business have higher rates. A business is normally classified as being a high risk merchant when looking at the typical chargeback rate for that type of business sector.

Our Payment Gateway Services