Offshore Merchant Accounts

Having an offshore merchant accounts allows safety for high volume processing. An additional benefit is that an offshore account allows a merchant to have unlimited volumes in merchant payment processing.

Offshore Merchant Accounts

Offshore merchant account accounts have no caps on volumes. To apply for an account, the banks require processing history of least $100,000 per month.  All business types are accepted, including high risk merchants.

New regulatory frameworks such as the Basel III Accords, are changing reserve ratios and capitalisation for most global banking networks.  Most banks are suffering from reduced lines of credit available for payment processing. Merchants are therefore discovering that it is difficult to obtain the correct type of merchant accounts to accommodate business needs.

Epayments Processing Gateway offers access to all of the acquiring banks in our 43 strong bank network. Our gateway allows us to safely manage, mitigate and control chargeback and fraud all at the same time as offering the high volumes required for your business.

Epayments Processing gateway technology ensures safe processing of your volumes using ours and also other industry standard techniques of checking against databases, leading edge algorithms, identity checking and chargeback history all coupled together with our unique IP of 20 combined years of expertise and experience to give you the best and most seamless operational experience.