What is the purpose of International Merchant Accounts (IMA)?

International Merchant Accounts will enable your business operation merchant to access to global markets, increase business volumes and reduce your overall merchant operating costs.

Credit Card Payment Processing through International Merchant Accounts

How your business benefits from an International Payment Processing Merchant Account - Safe, Secure and Reliable

International merchant accounts allow you to benefit from the “local” country’s payment processing rates the result of which is lower fees and being able to plan and hedge against foreign exchange rates.

International merchant accounts allow you to benefit from the “local” country’s interchange rates  Interchange rates simplified are effectively a country’s buy price to process credit cards. Each country has different interchange rates. Processing international transactions with a local bank ensures a cost saving by matching the issuing card’s country with an acquiring bank in the same country. This has a two fold saving benefit namely the cross border fees and also then the exchange rate fees.

International merchant accounts also reduce a business’s risk. Imagine you are a businesses which are processing high volumes and depending upon a rate set by a single bank in a single country. If this bank suffers from political problems or some form or change of regulation then your single bank will now be unable to continue to process for your business. Imagine the effect on your cash flows and profitability of this were to happen?

Epayments Processing offers you additional and multi bank processing as an “insurance” policy to safeguard your business operations from any business interruption.