What are High Risk Merchant Accounts?

A high risk merchant account is classified as such when there is a greater chance of fraudulent transactions or chargebacks associated with that particular industry type.

High Risk Merchant Payment Processing

Sometimes businesses are also classified as high risk if they have :-

Here are some example of some merchants that could be classified as high risk merchant accounts (there are many others too)

  • Travel
  • Trial Offer/Continuity Billing/Recurring Billing/Rebilling
  • Bizopps
  • Jewellery
  • Antiques
  • Rare and other collectibles
  • Adult webites and other Entertainment
  • Financial Spreads
  • FX trading
  • Nutritional Supplements
  • Weight Loss
  • Dieting Aids
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • MLM - Multi-Level Marketing
  • Informercials
  • ISP/ASP – Internet Service Providers/Application Services Providers/SAAS/IAAS
  • VOIP
  • Subscriptions
  • Memberships
  • Ticketing Agencies
  • Digital content
  • Virtual goods
  • Social networking sites
  • Online dating
  • Escort Agencies
  • Software
  • online games
  • Online Gambling
  • Electronics
  • High Value Items

Why Epayments Processing?

Epayments Processing Ltd has amongst it team over 30 years of cumulative experience ensuring that if you need a payment gateway to process high risk merchants you are assured that you are in a safe and trusted pair of hands to introduce and connect to acquiring banks to handle your credit card payments. Our industry niche expertise for high risk merchants means we have a success rate of over 90% of introducing and connecting merchant to be able to open new merchant accounts.
What this means is unlike other payment gateways we will be able to deliver on our promises since all the elements involved in the process are controlled via our technology platform which is owned, managed and run in-house. Epayments Processing will be able to introduce you to a PSP/Acquirer to get you a merchant account (MID – Merchant ID).
Epayments Processing understands the importance of having access to a network of multiple acquiring banks to maximize payment processing capacity and minimize risk. Where Epayments Processing Gateway technology is different is that we have experience in guiding merchants through the highly complex environment of risk management and KYC (Know Your Customer).
We offer this service so that our merchants can take advantage of our uniquely designed gateway and introductions to a global banking network which will allow merchants to establish their high risk merchant accounts. Our systems are designed to run as a mission critical IT system so you can ensure uptime continuity and reliability is inherent in your business operation.

Whilst many payment gateways boast a large amount of banks in their introduction or connection network, most of these are for low and medium risk merchants therefore making them useless to most high risk merchants, Epayments Processing Processing have over 43 banks globally and our difference is that the majority of them (30 plus banks) accept high risk as well as low and medium risk traffic. All of these banks are connected or introduced via our single payment processing platform offering 3D secure and Non 3D secure gateways. With our multiple and feature rich gateway you have to only integrate one API programme to your network. The end result is that you can quickly and easily mix and match your high risk merchant accounts to our multiple banks across our global network to ensure continual payment processing with no disruption and full chargeback management applied to each Merchant Account (MID).

What Epayments Processing’s Technology and introduction to our Global Banking Network means for High Risk Merchant Accounts?